Watch: Delia speaks of those who are lonely during festive season

Partit Nazzjonalist leader Adrian Delia focused his Christmas message on those who will be spending their Christmas alone. Delia said that one could visit, exchange gifts and spend some time with a person, and such visit could mean the world to a person who is lonely especially during the festive season.

Delia said that loneliness does not only afflict the elderly but could afflict anyone at any age, and there are people who would be spending this Christmas alone watching TV. The Nationalist leader also spoke of those fearing eviction saying that this might as well be the Christmas during which they have a roof over their head, as well as those struggling to make ends meet. His message also focused on those who are unwell, children undergoing surgeries among others.

The Nationalist leader while wishing everyone a happy Christmas, thanked the unsung heroes, the Police, nurses, doctors, paramedics and volunteers who will be working during the festive season.