Watch: “Delia should use the same ethic” – PM

The Prime Minister Robert Abela said that the Opposition Leader Adrian Delia should adopt the same ethic used by the Government with himself and his deputies.

This morning the Parliament started once again, with the Prime Minister’s first sitting in his new role. During a brief speech which he had done, the Prime Minister announced that the had received a letter of resignation from the Gozo Minsiter Justyne Caruana, which he accepted. This took place after a report was issued by The Sunday Times, stating that her husband Silvio Valletta, ex-Deputy Police Commissioner went abroad to watch a football match with the owner of the company 17 Black, Yorgen Fenech, accused of being an accomplice in the assassination of the journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

On getting out of the Parliament, Abela replyied to the journalists’ questions. As started to walk away, Abela turned back telling the journalists that the Government had given a clear and concrete example of the level of ethic that was expected. He said that he expects Adrian  Delia to take on the Government’s examples and adopt it with himself and his deputies. The Prime Minister maintained that this is the new standard of ethics and good governance, which should be followed by everyone.

During the same parliamentary sitting, the Minister for Home Affairs Byron Camilleri echoed the same thought when he claimed that Justyne Caruana “rendered Adrian Delia as a little boy” given that he was charged with a lot of things, including money-laundering and prostitution but that he never shouldered any responsibility for this.

In other comments to journalists, the Prim Minister said that he acted upon the case when he had the full picture and that he did not feel that Caruana had abused of his trust in her.

Abela added that he is not concerned about other police officials in the investigation relating to the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. He said that he intends to leave it up to the Agent Police Commissioner Carmelo Magri to look into the case and take the necessary measures.

As a reaction to the resignation of Caruana, the organisation Repubblika speculated whether the Prime Minister Robert Abela had known about the “corrupt deed” of the ex Deputy Police Commissioner Silvio Valletta when he appointed his wife Justyne Caruana Minister for Gozo last week.