Watch: “Party members had chosen me to lead until the next election”

“The Nationalist Party members chose me to lead the party until the next general election. I promised them change and I will honour that promise”, said the PN leader Adrian Delia as he was being interviewed by Prof. Andrew Azzopardi, on Saturday morning on 103 Malta’s Heart.

When asked why he persists in his decision not to resign, Adrian Delia said that the party members chose him because they believed in him. He explained that the fact that he lost the support of members within the PN’s Executive Committee, the PN’s Administrative Committee or amongst members of the General Council, these are structures which are formed by the same groups of people who want him to resign and they never reflected the vote of the party members.

Delia mentioned one of the promises he made to the party members that he will not continue selling the PN Clubs but rather create new income streams. Adrian Delia explained that from the PN Clubs, the party used to generate on average €16,000 to €18,000 a year but now the party has managed to generate around €120,000 to €150,000 a year which will eventually increase to €250,000 a year in income from rents.

Prof. Azzopardi asked Adrian Delia about the defeats the PN is continuously experiencing, Adrian Delia said that one needs to be honest about this and see where all these defeats started from as they for sure did not being as he took the party’s leadership.

The PN leader again admitted that he was wrong when he decided that Simon Busuttil should be suspended from the PN’s parliamentary group. Adrian Delia said that he has already admitted that he was wrong and that he does not wish to discuss matters that are now in the past, “Right now there are more important matters on a national level where we need to safeguard good governance,” said Adrian Delia.

He also said that those members of parliament who have been working against him during the part years will not be part of his shadow cabinet if he is re-elected as the party’s leader.

During the interview on 103 reference was also made to the due diligence report.

Another issue discussed was migration which Delia said that these people have every right to live in a proper dignified way and should not live in overcrowded conditions. He also mentioned that many communities such as in Hamrun, Marsa and St Paul’s Bay amongst other localities, are unfortunately suffering from situations posed by migrants, which need to be addressed.