Watch: Delia ‘more focused than ever’ during ‘most turbulent time’

Partit Nazzjonalista Leader Adrian Delia said that 2019 shall see him “going through the fire and coming out stronger.”

While being interviewed on PN media, Delia spoke about what he called one of the most turbulent periods of his life. He said that him and his estranged wife agreed in Court to protect their children by not discussing things which affect them in public.

Regarding his private life and how he expresses himself, Delia said that he is more focused than ever on his work. He said that there are a few who, when they see him moving forwards, bring something up to attack his and the PN’s credibility.

Delia also said that his strength comes from the people and the more he speaks to the people, the more support he is getting. “I discovered that more people are speaking to me about social matters which perhaps I didn’t used to understand before,” he said.

Volunteers and more people for the PN

A part of the interview was dedicated to a survey done by local media. Delia said that the PN does not have as much money and resources as the Government, but the PN has heart and volunteers which the Government doesn’t.

Delia explained that “people are coming from all over to help the Partit Nazzjonalista.” He said that this should be deemed a message of courage because “we are working more than ever before with people who are helping more, from every class and every sector”.

He said the PN is managing to take politics out of Parliament with a message that it doesn’t need to be a technical debate.

Delia said that he practically isn’t keeping up with all the messages from people asking him how they can help. He explained that he is receiving messages from people he doesn’t know telling him he is speaking truthfully and justly.

Lies in the newspapers

Delia said that The Times newspaper has lied twice in a few days, including about PN finances. He said that the the Times author tried to target him by being misleading on social media, adding that truth always surfaces in the end. Delia did not, however, answer questions about the PN’s financial situation after he was asked to clarify the facts.

Call for resignation

When asked about the calls from various people calling for his resignation, Delia said that it is a sign that he is not irrelevant and that people are seeing him as a clear threat.

He explained that the attacks and calls for his resignation are coming from people who have not yet realised that having new methods is good for the PN. Delia added by saying that it is good for young people to have a space to express themselves, rather than having the Party tell them what to say.

Without mentioned the message he sent to PN officials speaking of ‘war’, Delia said that “it is good to have a Party which fights to build, not to destroy”. He also said that he has discussed with and met everyone who approached him and, according to him, he went to more events than usual to meet people.

Regarding immigration, Delia said that “when there are five children who have been at sea for days in danger of dying, it is unjust that Malta doesn’t do everything in its power to save them.”

He also spoke about the issue of the Corinthia hotel, where the Government will be selling public land for much less than it’s worth. He said that the Opposition will be voting against this proposal in Parliament.

The PN Leader said that he was never consulted by the Prime Minister about the new President. He added however that the President herself consulted with him as the Opposition Leader in a meeting regarding constitutional reform.

Delia also spoke about Gozo and said that the Government is forgetting Gozo in Budget discussions. It is a priority to give Gozo the importance of a region. He added that Gozo can be made a technological hub if we use the right cables.

At the end of the programme, he thanked God for the strength he is giving him, and to the many people who are supporting him during this difficult time. He thanked a number of Labour supported who sent him messages of encouragement telling him that he is building a strong Opposition.