Watch: Delia pits PN MPs against supporters as he defends decision to stay put

Updated 11:00 AM

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Posted by Net HD on Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia once more suggested that the party’s MPs did not represent the views of its supporters as he sought to defend his increasingly precarious position on Wednesday night, a day after he lost a confidence vote among the parliamentary group.

In his first public appearance after the late night press conference he held at the end of yesterday’s parliamentary group meeting, Delia chose friendly territory: an interview conducted by NET TV presenter and party executive council member Louise Tedesco, who concluded the interview by thanking Delia “on behalf of all the Nationalist Party supporters who have Malta’s interest at heart.”

In a statement to the press, the 19 who voted against Delia opted to give him a chance to leave on his own accord, but the PN leader has refused to follow suit. Asked why he felt he should continue leading the party after the no-confidence vote, Delia said that he had to examine his conscience.

“Who put me here? The parliamentary group – 27 people – or our members,” he asked. “Who does the PN belong to?”

He highlighted that he received countless message of support after the vote was announced, apologising to the “hundreds” who he had not managed to reply to, before questioning whether the decision of the PN’s paid-up members to make him party leader was being respected.

No party for elitists

Delia later argued that he had an obligation to the ones who voted for him, and that he guaranteed that he would never betray them.

“Not because I am the leader of the party, but because they are the Nationalist Party,” he said.

Asked whether he had any regrets, Delia said he had none, stating that as party leader, his job was to unite people, to bring more people into the fold, and to welcome even those who disagreed with the party.

“But I am also a party leader that promised to deliver a party of the people. Not a party of elitists, a party of the few, where a few people run the roost,” the PN leader added.

Delia insists attacks make him stronger

The PN leader pledged to work even harder going forward, for as long as the party’s members still wanted him to lead it.

“If we haven’t succeeded we need to work harder. If I was giving practically my all, I need to give even more,” he said, before adding that the party’s door remained open even to anyone who wished to join his fight, including Labour Party supporters.

He insisted that his efforts were making many people uncomfortable, leading to pushback. But he added that the stronger the efforts to intimidate him, the stronger his resolve became.

“This applies in every situation,” he said. “Wherever the attack may come from.”