Watch: Delia claims that no action will be taken against MPs

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia said that no action in the form of votes of confidence will be taken against PN MPs who voted against him last Tuesday during a parliamentary group meeting.

Speaking to journalists outside the parliamentary building just before President George Vella announced that Delia was to stay on as Leader of the Opposition, Delia said that the party’s structure did not function in that way when asked if he would be seeking a confidence vote in the MPs who voted him out. He underlined that this was not his intention.

The embattled Nationalist leader lost a vote of confidence in the PN parliamentary group on Tuesday with 19 votes to 11. Later during the week, Opposition MPs Chris Said and Claudette Buttigieg formally informed President Vella about the vote and proposed MP Therese Comodini Cachia as the new Opposition Leader. This then triggered Article 90(4) of the Constitution of Malta. Following consultation meetings with the MPs, Vella decided that Delia should stay on as Opposition Leader.

16 MPs have told the President that they longer support Delia as Opposition Leader while 11 affirmed their support for Delia as an Opposition Leader including himself. An MP abstained. According to the media reports, the MP is Stephen Spiteri.

Asked whether any action would be taken against the MPs who have voted him out, Delia said that it would be discussed during the Executive Committee meeting which will be held on Tuesday evening.

“Let’s try and work together” – Puli

MP Clyde Puli said that one should work together when asked if there should be any action taken against those MPs who voted against Delia. Puli said that he had always tried to work with everyone in the interest of the party and country.