Watch: Deaf baby squeals with delight after hearing aids are switched on

Photo from Twitter

A video taken by a father from Harrogate in the UK, Paul Addison, showing his baby daughter’s reaction to her hearing aids being switched on has gone viral.

The video shows the adorable Georgina laughing with joy as she hears the voice of her mother who is switching on her hearing aids saying, “OK, so we’ve just turned your hearing on. Can you say hello to everybody?”

Georgina’s hearing difficulties were identified when she failed her newborn hearing test. She was referred to an audiologist and diagnosed with severe and permanent deafness. After advice from a doctor, she was outfitted with hearing aids from the National Health Service (NHS) a few weeks ago. 

If you need something to warm your heart on this cold January day, or just want to watch something super-cute, this is the video for you!