Watch: Dar Merħba Bik to get €800,000 in Gov funding

Social Solidarity Minister Michael Falzon said that Dar Merħba Bik will be given €791,137 in the next three years to help people who went through domestic abuse.

He said this while signing another social agreement between the Government and the home where he stated that the Government quadrupled their investment in the sector.

Right now, Dar Merħba Bik is helping around 14 families who are already receiving financial aid, and there will be others who will benefit who like in Dar Santa Bakhita flats. This money is going to various NGOs and Church organisations after around 40 agreements.

He spoke about Government investment going up from €3 million to €12 million because it wants to help the vulnerable, including children with social issues, people with disabilities or mental health issues, and former prisoners.