Watch: Daphne’s murder: ‘The government cannot ride roughshod over the people’

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Updated at 8:06pm

Opposition Leader and Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia said that an electoral victory does not mean that the government can ride roughshod over people. He added that the government cannot discard the values, guarantees and standards that Malta secured on its accession to the European Union. Delia was addressing the European People’s Party (EPP) which is being held in Zagreb, Croatia.

Earlier Delia called on Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to shoulder political responsibility and take action.

A yacht belonging to 17 Black owner and power station Yorgen Fenech was intercepted off Portomaso by the Armed Forces of Malta. Fenech was arrested on Wednesday morning.

Delia added that Malta is not defined by the actions of few people in power. Adding that the Maltese are not corrupt. ‘Maltese and Gozitans are proud of their country and our European values,’ Delia stated.

The Opposition leader said that the people went out to protest demanding truth and justice.

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More arrests have been made – Delia

Opposition Leader and Partit Nazzjonalista leader said that more arrests were made on Wednesday morning following the arrest of power station director and owner of Dubai-based company 17 Black Yorgen Fenech.

Magistrate issues warrant for Yorgen Fenech’s arrest

There were at least two arrests on Wednesday morning following Fenech’s arrest, Delia said.

Photos: Yorgen Fenech arrested by the Police

The Opposition leader and a delegation from Partit Nazzjonalista had to cut their journey short in Zagreb, with Delia stating that the Maltese delegation at the EPP congress will be returning immediately to Malta in view of the arrests made.

Delia said that Fenech who is the owner of 17 Black is linked to Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi and Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Keith Schembri. Reacting to comments by the Prime Minister, Delia remarked that Muscat tried to give the impression that the issue only relates to the investigation and future proceedings in court. He pointed out that there is a political dimension to the issue.

‘Muscat told us what he cannot do, however, he did not tell us what he will do,’ Delia stated. Noting, that despite the revelations Muscat has not yet sacked his Chief of Staff.

Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia stated that there are clear connotations and implications with the recent developments. He added while caution is the best choice, the Prime Minister has to shoulder political responsibility.