Watch: “Covid made us face our loneliness” – Anthony Camilleri, YMCA Malta CEO

As a response to the Covid-19 situation in the Maltese Islands, where loneliness and solitude symptoms might arise from social alienation, YMCA Malta’s support has been lending a friendly ear the community members in need of someone to talk to. spoke to YMCA Malta Chief Executive Officer Anthony Camilleri, who said that the decision was made to set up a loneliness helpline where people could have a “friendly chat with professionals”.

Up till now, there have been over 400 calls to the YMCA Malta Loneliness Response Line from people of different backgrounds and ages. “We were a bit shocked and surprised at the response,” Camilleri says.

Anyone in need of someone to talk to can text their mobile or telephone number to 99928625 or call directly. Camilleri told that the phone line will remain functional even now that many restrictions have been lifted.

If there is the need for professional psychological support, callers will be referred to YMCA’s psycho-therapeutic services counselors and psychotherapists through Skype.

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