Watch: “Covid has changed the way we shop” – Kristina Borg, artist

Research/survey aims to capture the impact of COVID-19 on our shopping and consumption experiences.

Art and research come together in the ‘YAWYB – A Remote ReVisit: Impact of COVID-19’ project which tackles shopping and consumption experiences during the pandemic.

During this episode of Take a Bow, artist Kristina Borg explains that through artistic-anthropological research and creative practice, the ‘You Are What You Buy’ project reacts to current issues on consumption and consumerism.

“The first edition of the project reflected on our need to affirm ourselves as consumers. It questioned the effects of consumption on us as buyers and assessed the blurred line between ‘consumption’ and ‘consumerism’,” she says.

Both the research and the artistic presentation took place in a supermarket in Malta in 2016 – 2017.

YAWYB is currently transitioning into a new stage, entitled YAWYB – A Remote ReVisit. As a starting point, the second edition of the project, having research as its main focus, is inviting the public to take part in an independent survey.

The survey aims to capture the impact of COVID-19 on our shopping and consumption experiences, relating to food and household products and dining-out, and how these might have changed and/or are still changing throughout the partial lockdown and post-lockdown periods.

The survey can be accessed online through the project’s Facebook page. Alternatively, an appointment can be scheduled by calling or messaging on 79213925 and the survey will take place over the phone. The project team will be responsible for the survey call expenses.

The survey can be filled in by adult individuals. The data will be processed by project artist
Kristina Borg and anthropologist Dr Virginia Monteforte to highlight any emerging common
patterns. All information will be treated as confidential and anecdotes anonymised.
Information will be used for research purposes which will be presented to the public in a
creative manner later on this year.

Participants may withdraw their response at any time. Should they wish to further collaborate in the research process they will be asked to share their contact details at the end of the survey. The compilation of the survey should take around 10 minutes.

The survey remains open until Friday 17th July 2020.

YAWYB – A Remote ReVisit is supported by Arts Council Malta’s Malta Arts Fund –
Research Support Grant.