Watch: Contemporary performance to take audience back to Valletta’s early days

Two sisters from opposing worlds arrive in Malta on a black Spanish warship, shortly after the Great Siege. Their fictional story will be told through an innovative contemporary performance which combines contemporary music, dance and visual art, taking place at the Valletta Campus Theatre on Saturday 31st August at 9.00 pm.

BlackShip, part of the Valletta Cultural Agency’s MusiCity initiative, is a fantasy inspired by historical events, revolving around two soul sisters who are brought up and trained by a Knight of the Order of Saint John, who protected them after their mother’s death in Rhodes. The elder one is said to be the daughter of Jean Parisot de Valette whilst the younger one claims Dragut Reis as her father.

These two figures symbolise the union of two opposing polarities; a union which survives through the centuries, echoing the building and development of the city of Valletta and of Malta as a melting pot where cultures meet and mingle in harmony. Led by a narrator, the story is brought to life through the combination of several elements on stage: the use of traditional acoustic piano and synthesizer, and electric and acoustic guitar; contemporary fusion dance and projected visual images.

This aesthetic combines different experiences, bringing to the stage a performance which joins past and future, connecting retro and futuristic nuances with historical inheritance. BlackShip uses a contemporary hybrid language of music, dance and visuals to explore important social issues which have affected individuals within societies throughout history and are still very present today, underlining the importance of historical knowledge in order to build a better future.

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