Watch: Containers housing people at Ħal Far topple due to strong winds

    Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

    Residents at Ħal Far Tent Village escaped unharmed as their housing units fell after strong winds hit the islands over the past hours.

    Asylum seekers housed at Ħal Far open centre woke up to find their houses knocked down. Sources have told this newsroom that two units were toppled by the gale-force winds which hit the island. is also informed that people were inside sleeping when the container started moving, and managed to escape in time.

    A person speaking to said that when the strong wind hit last night two containers which are used to house people inside fell. He expressed relief that no one was injured when this happened, he noted that these containers were not equipped for such weather.

    ‘We are lucky that no one was injured,’ the man told The man invited the government to Ħal Far Tent Village to see for itself what is going on.

    A spokesperson for the Ministry for Home Affairs told that residents had already been evacuated by the staff on duty before the 4 units were effected by the strong winds on Friday. The cabins adjoined to the ones affected were also evacuated as a precautionary measure. The spokesperson said that since all precautionary measures were taken, no one was injured as a result. Residents were subsequently given alternative accommodation.

    The weather station at Malta International Airport issued a strong wind warning as its experts predict winds to rise up to force 8.