Watch: Construction waste to justify the creation of an artificial island

Partit Demokratiku Representative in Parliament Godfrey Farrugia said that the creation of an artificial island was not unfathomable. Farrugia explained that construction waste was generated on a daily basis, that soon the construction of the db Project would be in full swing while the construction of the tunnel connecting the two islands would start too.

Farrugia was interviewed by Sylvana Debono on Newsline a program aired on RTK 103FM. Farrugia said that back when the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat was still the leader of Opposition he had met with developers and the idea of land reclamation was discussed. Farrugia remarked that the idea was not an alien one, as this had already happened before in the case of the Freeport extension.

Farrugia however contrasted what happened in the past to what was being alluded to, saying that in the current scenario, it was not an extension but a new island on which people could live. He said that such decision could be only taken when the economy is strong, give the size of the project and the investment needed. Farrugia further remarked that for the creation of such an island one needs to take into consideration the flora, the fauna and its exact location. He explained that such a project needs to be “project driven” and requires an amount of waste.

Farrugia insisted that the developers were the ones to lead the Government on construction waste. He explained that a lot of construction waste was going to be generated through the db Group Project and the tunnel. He stressed that one would need to dispose of such waste in which we would “drown in”. The MP concluded that the Government would make use of such projects in order to argue in favour of the creation of an artificial island.