Watch: Construction waste dumped into the sea

Partit Demokratiku (PD) MEP candidate Camilla Appelgren posted a video on Facebook which seemingly shows leftover construction waste being dumped into the sea in Sliema.

“NOT ON. Just happened and reported by myself to authorities. New pool opposite hotel 1926. This is NOT how you get rid of the leftover construction waste. #CivicPride is not only to love your city, but to actively protect it from wrongdoings like this one. As an MEP candidate I am going to work relentlessly to protect the sea we all depend on. The deep blue is not there to be used, it’s a resource and we better care for it,” she wrote.

In a statement issued by the PD today, Appelgren also said, “The Climate Change Paris agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals of UN call for timely action. Malta’s Sustainable Development Act has been enacted since 2012. Its objective is to mainstream sustainable development across the workings of government and to raise awareness of sustainable development issues and practices across society. The time has come to wake up.”

“Government’s runaway development policy is pushing Malta into dire straits”

Government’s runaway development policy, where the market supply is based on the demands of yesterday, is pushing Malta into dire straits.

The statement goes on to say that Malta has no political direction in favour of construction sustainability and in the demolition of buildings and that it calls for the immediate implementation of green procurement in an all in government approach. Government’s runaway development policy, where the market supply is based on the demands of yesterday, is pushing Malta into dire straits, it states.

The statement goes on to say that Malta needs structured preparedness via an overarching strategy which should have been launched a few years back. PD notes that this has pushed us into a situation which is very similar to Malta’s dilemma in traffic and mobility management.

“Only two quarries operating at present”

“We have 16 potential unused quarries that can be used as landfills for inert waste material. Most sites are leased public land and yet most ‘owners’ seem to be putting their foot down so that these quarries are not used as landfills. They seem to have different intentions in mind. Only two quarries are at present operating,” remarked party leader Dr Godfrey Farrugia, “Moreover, government has the legal power to stop quarry operating licenses and to withdraw agreements on the land leased of such properties. Our national interest should dictate the way forward, more so if sites are public property.”

“Sustainable construction calls for the re-use of existing parts of buildings and materials; the separation of construction waste and its recycling even into another form; and the redevelopment or rehabilitation of unused buildings. Malta’s carrying capacity has been reached. These concepts decrease the burden on landfills.” stated MEP candidate Dr Anthony Buttigieg.