Watch: Construction site which generated dust lands men in hot water

An argument between two men over dust emanating from a construction site landed both men in hot water.

A 73-year-old man who lives close to a construction site on Belvedere Street in Gżira went to speak to the site manager to complain about the amount of dust that was being generated while workers were polishing the façade.

Sources have told that the man’s wife is severely asthmatic and that the man suggested to the workers that an industrial vacuum be used to reduce the amount of dust in air.

The sources explained that while the elderly man was speaking to the site manager, a construction worker joined the conversation and brushed off suggestions to make use of the vacuum.

The man invited the worker to look around and see the amount of dust in the air. The sources said that the worker sprinted then attempted to hit the elderly man.

The site manager intervened; however, according to the sources, the elderly man was shoved to the side and pushed to the ground.

The situation escalated with the sources saying that the construction worker tried to throw a brick at the elderly man, missing him by a few centimetres. The man, who was temporarily held by the site manager, as well as another worker, managed to flee the scene.

A video sent to shows a construction worker polishing the façade without the necessary equipment needed for the job. An employee can be seen carrying out works bare chested while dust remains suspended in the air.

The police confirmed with they were called on site on the 30th September at Belvedere Street in Gżira. The police said that an argument between a 73-year-old man of Gżira and a 23-year-old man from Syria had broken out.

The elderly man was taken to Gżira Health Centre where he was certified as suffering from slight injuries.

Charges have been issued to both parties, the police said.