Watch: Connecting the human senses to film

During this week’s episode of‘s online cultural programme ‘Take a Bow‘, Coryse Borg has not one, but two guests – Antoine Borg Micallef and Federico Carnevali from Ċinerabilja who speak about the 2020 edition of Capitol Cinema, Valletta Cultural Agency’s year-long film programme which will explore the connection between film and the human senses.

Five Senses Plus One by Ċinerabilja is a cinematic journey that takes the viewer on an immersive multi-sensory experience by combining movies with multiple art forms such as visual art, theatre, poetry, dance and music.

The first movie in the programme, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, takes the viewer on an intimate expedition into the virtually inaccessible Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc Cave in France, where the earliest known visual art to have been created by mankind can be found. The sense which is associated with this particular film is ‘smell’.

The viewing, which will also feature a theatrical performance by More or Less Theatre, will take place at the Archbishop’s Palace in Valletta on Thursday 20th February.

You may watch the trailer of Cave of Forgotten Dreams here: