Watch: Concert for 2,292 plants marks Spanish opera house reopening

No social distancing measures were observed by the audience for this particular event.

After three months being closed due to COVID-19 measures, the El Liceu opera house in Barcelona, Spain, has reopened with its first concert performed exclusively for 2,292 potted plants.

An announcement asking audience members not to make too much noise or take photos and to turn off their mobile phones “out of consideration to the audience and performers” was made before the performance.

The string quartet performed Giaccomo Puccini’s ‘Crisantemi’ (which translates to Chrysanthemums) was written in memory of his friend the Duke of Savoy, formerly King Amadeo I Of Spain, who died in 1890.

You can watch the full concert here, starting from 7:23″.

The initiative is the idea of Spanish artist Eugenio Ampudia and it looks to examine our relationship with nature and the impact lockdown has had on public spaces.