Watch: “Come back home to Syria,” woman urges professionals

The first woman to successfully read for her PhD in Syria told that during the time she spent reading for her doctorate degree many men had told her she would never get to her graduation.

Surgeon Dima Al-Naeb was attending the world congress organised by the Junior Chamber International in India. Al-Naeb explained that many a times she found herself isolated because of her gender while studying. However despite the hardship, she wants through her achievements to inspire other women to follow their hearts. Al-Naeb observed how she had to always insist that this was her path and this was his career, until eventually this was accepted by those around her. She also remarked that she has to prove herself every time to the men around her.

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“Syria is our home”

Al-Naeb remarked that one of the projects she embarked on was urging those who left the country due to the ongoing civil war to return. She reiterated that Syria was indeed their home and that there were various welfare systems which include health services.

Al-Naeb said that many professionals left the country and need to be replaced, however she chose to stay. Urging them to return, Al-Naeb stated that now there is more work available for them.

“Studying during war”

Al-Naeb explained that studying during the war helped was her coping mechanism. She also helped war casualties through her work while studying.

The Junior Chamber International (JCI) honors 10 people worldwide for their humanitarian work every year. In 2018 the award ceremony was held in India for which journalists were also present.