Watch: Christmas is a feast which symbolises common good – Grech

If there is a feast which symbolises common good, that feast would be Christmas, Opposition leader and Partit Nazzjonalista leader Bernard Grech told the nation in his Christmas message.

In a video message, Grech explained that it is in our human nature that each and everyone of us holds different opinions on various issues. “But deep down we all long for love, peace and dignity,” he remarked.

Comparing Christmas to Spring, Grech said that the feast unites people as they feel more generous with one another especially with those in need.

Describing it as possibly the best time of the year, Christmas is a time when we come together with our families and a time when we feel closer to others. We also learn to appreciate each other a bit more, the PN leader said, highlighting that the Christmas period is not only a joyful time of the year but one that calls for reflection.

He highlighted that this year Christmas is being celebrated under special circumstances during a global pandemic which has afflicted our mundane lives. “If anything, the pandemic led us to cherish our families and our loved ones more,” he reflected.

He also echoed the advice given by the health authorities to spend the festive season celebrating with members of one’s household.

Cooperation over selfishness

In his reflection for Christmas, Grech asked several rhetoric questions which are frequently asked during the time of the year. He said that what comes to mind is the human’s want for love, peace and hope with Christmas offering such hope.

“Christmas gives an opportunity to take a break from this rat race as we choose cooperation over competition and selfishness,” Grech underlined.

“Christmas magic starts in our hearts. The best gift we can give is to open our hearts this Christmas. The best gift is one of love. Who does not have Christmas in their hearts will not find it beneath the Christmas tree,” he added.

A year for the history books

This year was not only important because of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, but also for the political changes lived both at a national level and inside Partit Nazzjonalista, Grech said.

“We are currently in a renewal process which would see us improve in order to be of service to our country,” he said, adding that he believes that a change in the way politics in Malta is done needs to happen.

He concluded his Christmas message by urging the public to donate during the Boxing Day telethon l-Istrina in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation and the telethon being held on 1 January in aid of Dar tal-Providenza.