Watch: ‘Chris Fearne is a man for all seasons’ – President Emeritus

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

President Emeritus Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca gave a ringing endorsement to Partit Laburista candidate Chris Fearne who is contesting the leadership campaign.

Fearne was the first to announce his candidacy after Joseph Muscat announced he would be resigning his post as leader and prime minister once a new Partit Laburista leader is elected.

In a video message, Coleiro Preca said that she has known Fearne for a long time, describing him as ‘a man for all seasons’. She noted that Fearne who is a pediatrician by profession, is skilled in taking decisive decisions and is well-equipped to lead the country out of the current political turmoil.

The President Emeritus said that she remembers him working as a volunteer in Partit Laburista, voicing his concerns, and taking the necessary decisions to do what is right. She added that the upbringing he had has formed him into the person that he is, a person who loves his country. Coleiro Preca said that working quietly, Fearne strives to improve other people’s lives.

Coleiro Preca said that both the country and party requires immediate healing, stating that Fearne is the right person for the job in the current context.

‘Fearne understands the nation very well, he understands the pain of those who have given their lives to the party and to the country,’ Coleiro Preca said. She added that she is sure that Fearne will take people’s advice on board.

‘Fearne is the Prime Minister the country needs in order to overcome this difficult moment,’ Coleiro Preca concluded.