Watch: “Children deserve real answers to their questions”

For this week’s programme in‘s book-related series Between the Lines, Coryse Borg interviews author Chiara Battistelli, who used to live in Malta but is now based in Italy, about The Thousand Questions of Dino Ricciolino: Out in the Garden which is aimed at children four to 10 years of age.

Step out into the garden with Dino and his mother. What are flowers made of? Why do bees love flowers? How do bees make honey? Learn all the answers and discover with Dino all there is to know about flowers and bees. And the best part? Read and find out how you too can protect the bees.

The illustrations are by Irene Canovari, an Italian who is currently based in Malta.

The book is published by Faraxa Publishing. More information may be obtained from Faraxa’s Facebook page or website: