Watch: Children can also be poisoned – Animal expert

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Christian Pace, Manager for Behaviour and Involvement for MSPCA, expressed his concern with about the poisoning of Malta’s best doberman.

He insisted that there should be more control over the sale of rat and snail poison and that people in his area have been emphasising this point. He said that the irresponsible way in use this poison can not only hurts animals, but also endanger the lives of children if they encounter it without knowing in any public place.

Pace explained the difference between these two types of poisons. Mouse poison leads to grimmer death because it thins the blood, and the animal starts bleeding a little bit from inside. Thus it works very slowly, and animals or children could be saved if still at an early stage.

Snail poison works faster and is more dangerous. This causes the body temperature to rise, with great harm to the brain, so the animal could experience brain damage.

It seems that the poison that killed Omar Pasha, the Doberman, was rat poison, because this dog suffered for ten whole days before he died.