Watch: Child assaulted in St Paul’s Bay

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A boy has been assaulted by a man in St Paul’s Bay on Friday in what seems to be a racially motivated attack.

Speaking to, the boy’s mother said that her child, a 15-year-old entered a shop on Triq it-Turisti. She explained that her son was putting on his mask.

The shop keeper told the boy to wear a mask with the boy replying that he was doing just that. Once again the shopkeeper repeated his order to the boy who replied with “chill”.

The woman said that the shop keeper ordered her son out of the shop and hurled racist insults at her son. She added that her son then made some gesture after cross the road. The man left the shop and attacked him with a wooden plank. The man allegedly also had a baseball bat which cannot be seen in the video.

The footage was filmed by his friends who have said that the man attacked the boy.

A spokesperson for the police said that a report about the incident was filed on Friday at 4pm. The spokesperson said that the report relates to an argument and that the police brought in a man over the case. The police are investigating the case. The spokesperson told that a person involved in the argument sought treatment at the health centre.

The nearest police station is around 100 meters away from where the incident occurred. contacted the shop. The person who answered the phone and would not identify himself refrained from commenting about the case adding that the police were handling it.