Watch: ‘Caruana Galizia was a patriot; held power to account’


Investigative journalist Pelin Unker compared the continuous removal of the protest memorial by the Government to something Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan would do. Unker was invited to Malta to address an informal event in the morning and later on the protest vigil demanding justice for slain journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

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Addressing activists gathered at the Great Siege Monument in Valletta, Unker urged those present not to allow this to happen in Malta.

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Unker said that Caruana Galizia had revealed and held to account those in power. She encouraged those present not to give up in their fight, reminding them of Caruana Galizia’s courage to continue

her work despite the conditions in which she had to work in. Describing Caruana Galizia as a patriot, Unker reminded that what the journalist sought was better standards for the country. The Turkish journalist stated that Malta is now worse off without Caruana Galizia’s work. In relation to journalistic work, Unker said that when journalists reveal wrongdoing, there should be consequences for those involved.

Disgusting treatment” – Borg Cardona

Lawyer Andrew Borg Cardona also addressed those present. He started off his speech referring to the Maltese Authorities’ refusal to issue a travel visa to Unker’s son, and described it as “disgusting”.

The lawyer observed that many members of press have forgotten Caruana Galizia and reiterated that it is indeed the duty of a journalist to hold power to account. Borg Cardona asked whether local media was feeling threatened.

14-year-old PD activist Tiziana Aljasem said that while she never read any of Caruana Galizia’s writings when the journalist was still alive, she now realised on what she missed out on. The young activist said that people seemed to be comfortable with corruption.

Arthur Muscat and Repubblika chairperson Marion Pace Axiaq also addressed the vigil which marked 17 months since Caruana Galizia’s brutal assassination.

The vigil was organised by Occupy Justice and Repubblika.