Watch: Canned lion hunting exposed in thrilling adventure novel

During this week’s programme in‘s book-related series Between the Lines, Coryse Borg speaks to Michael Du Preez, author of the book ‘Justice of the Wild’, all the way in South Africa.

This fast-moving adventure novel sees six hungry lions escape from their camp in the Lion Park, near Johannesburg during a severe storm. Sixteen-year-old school friends, Paul Patterson and Rampha Singh, become involved as they witness two poachers hastily dart, seize and load four of the predators into an enclosed van before the park officials are able to recapture them.

Two lionesses, one of them wounded, are left behind. Later that week, one of the poachers spots Paul and Rampha snooping around his van. He ambushes and abducts them to the remote farm in Botswana, where he and his partner run their canned lion hunting business.

Will Paul and Rampha ever make it back safely to civilisation?

The book is published by Faraxa Publishing. More information may be obtained from Faraxa’s Facebook page or