Watch: Camilleri told off in Parliament for comments on Busuttil

Parliamentary Secretary for Animal Rights Clint Camilleri had to take back a comment he passed about PN MP Simon Busuttil in Parliament. Camilleri told Deputy Speaker Claudette Buttigieg, “I take it back, although I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Buttigieg, who stopped Camilleri from leaving the room, remarked that it wasn’t quite an effective apology.

In this morning’s Parliamentary session, while Busuttil was speaking, Camilleri seems to have passed a comment off the microphone which Buttigieg took strong exception to. Upon stopping him from leaving the room, Camilleri replied, “What do you want?”. Buttigieg scolded the MP for the way he addressed her and told him that she heard what he had said and asked him repeatedly to take it back.

The Deputy Speaker said that she would not be accepting comments like those from either side of the House, adding that she has Speaker Angelo Farrugia’s backing. Buttigieg recently ejected MP Glenn Bedingfield for swearing in Parliament.