Watch: Blood test does not replace swab test

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Superintendent of Public Health Professor Charmaine Gauci explained that a blood test does not replace the coronavirus swab test. The health authorities determine whether a person has contracted coronavirus by swabbing the patients.

Asked by whether the anti-body testing which are being offered by private hospitals could be a substitute for the swab tests.

Prof. Gauci explained that the anti-body testing is part of a blood test which would determine whether a person has contracted the coronavirus and has developed the necessary antibodies. There are two types of antibodies – IgA which would show that the infection is still at the beginning and IgG which indicates that the person had been infected.

Antibody testing determines whether one had coronavirus in the past and now has antibodies against the virus. A swab test is used to diagnose coronavirus determines if one currently has the disease.

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