Watch: Blackie the cat urgently needs a forever home

Can you help get him off the streets?

Actress, director and cat-lover Polly March had been feeding stray cat Blackie, a stray in Naxxar for years.

“He has always been at the heart of the local community, receiving strokes and pats and compliments.” she says.

However, at the end of June, Blackie went missing. It later transpired that he had been hit by a car… and he was not found until four days later.

As soon as he was reported missing by Polly, panic struck, she said. But locals stepped in and helped her to find him. Luckily he was alive, but unfortunately, he was injured.

“Since being hit by a car, his mobility has been compromised,” Polly explains, “The vet says he ideally should not go back on the street. No limp but maybe, he could not move fast if in danger. The wonderful thing was that strangers stopped me on the street and pressed money into my hand to cover the fees at the vet. All were covered by those donations. So heartwarming.”

As he recovered, Blackie was eventually fostered by the people behind ‘Cats of Malta the Film’, Sarah-Jayne and Ivan Malekin of Nexus Productions.

However, unfortunately, they cannot keep him any longer as they are leaving to live in another country.

“Blackie loves being brushed and will make the sweetest purring sound when you sit next to him and massage his neck. His wounds are healed thanks to local vet Vik… he has really taken to being inside with us and is independent with a beautiful calm nature (has not destroyed the house at all, not once). He is approximately 10 years old and needs a loving home to live out his retirement,” says Sarah-Jayne. 

If you think you have space for Blackie in your home – and your heart – please contact Polly via her Facebook page or else contact the Cats of Malta the Film Facebook page.

“Blackie needs a bit of safe outdoor space, but really just potters about a bit and then rests a lot. He would reward you with a great deal of affection and his nature is so calm, and his purrs are so deep, he is better than anti-depressants!” Polly says, “Please do get in touch if you can help him.”