Watch: Bjorn promotes ALS fundraising concert; “hundreds need our help”

With only a few days remaining for the annual event in aid of ALS Foundation Malta, Bjorn Formosa addressed the media where he explained that donations raised will be used to finalise a second ‘DAR Bjorn’.

ALS Foundation Malta has once again partnered up with Versatile and other local artists in order to raise funds for DAR Bjorn. ‘Versatile and Friends for ALS 2019’ will be held on Wednesday, 4th September, 2019 at Pjazza San Ġorġ in Valletta.

Bjorn hinted to that the event is going to be “enormous”.

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Present with Bjorn were the Minister for Tourism Konrad Mizzi, Valletta’s Mayor Alfred Zammit, Versatile’s Music Director Paul Borg and 103’s Arthur Caruana.

Bjorn thanked the radio station 103 for being the official station supporting his cause. Arthur encouraged other radio stations to give this cause as much exposure as possible, as this would directly and indirectly be helping in raising awareness and funds for the many people in need.

“We need to remember the hundreds of people who need our help”

During his speech, Bjorn explained that we need to remember the hundreds of people who need help. He added that through these fundraising activities, many will enjoy an improved quality of life.

Entrance will be free of charge, while donations will be collected at the door.

Artists who will participate during this concert include Ira Losco, The Travellers, Red Electrick, Ivan Grech, Big Band Brothers and many more.

“He is a man of vision”

Minister for Tourism Konrad Mizzi described Bjorn as being a man of vision; as well as a person who has shown great leadership. Mizzi added that although there was a time where people suffering fro ALS did not have the needed assistance and support, Bjorn single-handedly took this challenge under his wing.

The funds raised will be in aim of finalising a second DAR Bjorn, which is will be located in Żebbug, Malta. It will consist of eight floors; fully equipped with the latest medical technological advancements.

DAR Bjorn was opened by the ALS Malta Foundation in November 2017. The ALS Malta Foundation aims to raise awareness about ALS and MND, improve patients’ quality of life and invest in Research to find a cure for ALS. In 2018, ALS Malta extended its services to persons with MS, Huntingtons and other Neurological conditions.

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