Watch: Bishops congratulate Bishop Teuma

Bishop Emeritus Mario Grech, Archbishop Charles Scicluna and Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi congratulated Mgr Anton Teuma on his appointment as the ninth Bishop of Gozo.

Speaking to, Mgr Grech said that he believes that this successor has the qualities to lead the Church through this time of transition. During the homily, Bishop Emeritus Grech observed that leading a Church was often compared to navigating a boat, and that the most difficult thing to do was to change course.

He noted that it was not easy to navigate, remarking that he believes that the new Bishop of Gozo has the qualities needed to lead the Church in such times. Mgr Grech appealed to the faithful to help Bishop Teuma in his mission.

“This is your mission, Jesus is trying to set a new route for his people”
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“We’ll work together on board the ship”

Archbishop Charles Scicluna thanked Mgr Grech for his work and welcomed Mgr Teuma as the new Bishop for Gozo. Mgr Scicluna promised collaboration between the Archdiocese of Malta and the Diocese of Gozo, adding that they will be working together on board the ship, in reference to the Church.

“The Lord tells us not to be afraid, even in bad weather,” Archbishop Scicluna said, adding that they will be working together for God’s glory and the common good.

“Pray for him”

Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi urged the faithful to pray for Bishop Teuma. He remarked that throughout the years, Mgr Teuma had worked hard and dedicated his life to being of service to others, adding that without a doubt as a shepherd he will continue with his work.

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