Watch: BirdLife launches autumn migration awareness campaign

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A new campaign aimed at raising awareness on autumn migration has been launched by BirdLife Malta.

In a statement on Thursday, the NGO explained that through the campaign it would be sharing insights about bird migration to encourage more people to enjoy, care and play an active role in protecting migratory birds flying over Malta.

BirdLife Malta explained that the phenomenon has been a source of inspiration and curiosity for thousands of years. Malta’s geographical location makes the island a crucial resting place for birds traveling across long distances.

The campaign, #onthemove, will contain facts about migration and an introduction to some of the special visitors which one can observe on the islands during this time. The social media campaign is also encouraging members of the public to share bird sightings through an online form which has been created for #onthemove.

Apart from raising awareness, the public is also being given the opportunity to volunteer with the organisation by helping in watching over migratory birds during autumn migration, as they pass over the islands safely on the way to their wintering grounds.

“We are seeking to encourage people to enjoy migration as it happens. This campaign will not only be raising awareness through information but also engaging with the general public to experience the beauty of migration,” BirdLife Malta CEO Mark Sultana said.

One does not need to be an avian expert in order to participate.

The campaign will also be a call for action, urging the public to report to the NGO what they have observed – whether it is a bird of prey in flight or finding a wounded bird which requires help.

Half of the work done by the NGO would not be possible without the cooperation of the general public, BirdLife Malta’s Head of Education and Engagement Sarah Brady said, adding that the public is crucial when it comes to reporting of injured birds.

BirdLife Malta Head of Conservation Nicholas Barbara noted that over the recent years an increase in illegal hunting was observed. However, he also noted the increase in awareness within society, adding that together one can make a difference in protecting migrating birds flying over Malta.