Watch: Bicycle Advocacy Group evolves into Rota

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Bicycle Advocacy Group, BAG, has changed its name to Rota. The NGO which promotes safe cycling on behalf of various categories of road-user said in a statement published on Wednesday that it was due for a holistic rebranding and after deliberate discussions, consultations and brainstorming within the committee and the members, the Bicycle Advocacy Group has now evolved into Rota.

The NGO explained how Rota, a short and catchy Maltese word referring to the bicycle, has twin meanings; the bicycle and the wheel, which revolve around the objects at the centre of our activities.

Their new visual identity intertwines the values of sustainability, mobility with the human element and the new logo integrates key elements: “S” for sustainability and “R” standing for Rota.

Rota said it believes this change will give a new dimension to their work and will help them connect and communicate their cause with more people. It is also an active member of the European Cycling Federation (ECF) and is currently contributing to a number of local and European projects concerned with mobility or environmental awareness.