Watch: Best surprise ever – Ilio visits young boy in Mater Dei

There were smiles all around when a little boy who has been in hospital for over three weeks had a very special visitor.

Andrew, who goes to San Andrea School, was delighted to see his furry friend Ilio, who is the school’s official service dog.

“I see Ilio,” he exclaimed as soon as he caught a glimpse of the dog.

“Every morning Ilio and I wait for Andrew to take him up to school,” Ilio’s handler Stephanie Theuma from Service Dogs Malta told, “There is a special bond between them. When Andrew was admitted to the hospital, he kept asking for Ilio to visit. His mother wanted to make his wish come true and after a lot of help from many people, she managed to get permission so Ilio could visit the hospital. Seeing Andrew’s face when Ilio walked in was priceless. Thanks go to all those that helped make his wish come true.”

More information on the Service Dogs Malta Foundation may be found on their Facebook page or website.