Watch: “Believer or atheist… we all have a sense of connection” – Tyrone Grima

A nun. A mother. A mystery. An investigation.

John Pieilmeier’s controversial play ‘Agnes of God’ is a tale shrouded in questions, mysticm and doubts which tells the tale of a nun who gives birth and insists that it is the result of divine intervention.

It is – above all – the tale of a woman who explores her humanity, surrounded by an eerie sense of mysticism. But, to what end?

During this episode of Take a Bow, director and producer Tyrone Grima told, “There is so much of a communality,” he states, “We’re all broken, we’re all wounded. We’ve all passed through our beautiful experiences and our less beautiful experiences, and that’s who we are.”

Agnes of God will be performed on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th December at the Valletta Campus Theatre. The cast is made up of Isabel Warrington, Simone Ellul and Kyra Lautier.

Simone Ellul and Isabel Warrington

A webinar, facilitated by co-producer Dr Christian Colombo, will also be held on the 8th December and 10th December online to discuss the dynamics of the play and to create a platform of dialogue between theists and atheists.

In order to fully respect social distancing, a very limited audience will be allowed per performance. You may purchase the tickets here.

Photo credit – Deacon Xuereb