Watch: ‘Believe me, it was not easy, but it worked’ – EC Commissioner

Speaking at today’s College Meeting, Dimitris Avrampolous told reporters that the discussions to secure the disembarkation and distribution of 49 migrants currently stranded at sea, ‘was not easy, but it worked’.

He also explained that, ‘The past three weeks have not been Europe’s finest hour’, adding that Europe stands for values and solidarity and if these do not exist, ‘it is not Europe’.

Avrampolous also thanked Malta and the member states that have pledged their support to accommodate the 49 recently rescued and the 249 rescued and disembarked in Malta over the Christmas.

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‘All countries have shown EU soldiarity in the most concrete way possible and will be working towards swift transfer and rapid processing  of each case’.

Special credit was given to Malta whom the Commissioner had said had shown the biggest solidarity through allowing the disembarkation to happen.  He also expressed his understanding with how difficult the situation can be for small EU member states, he said.