Watch: “Before I sing, I dedicate the lyrics to my dad” – Yulan Law, Malta’s Got Talent

The second episode of Malta’s Got Talent saw a number of different – some rather unique – acts, including a hula-hooper, a young boy demonstrating football skills, a saxophonist and even a fireworks impersonator, amongst others.

But perhaps one of the most emotional parts of the show came when 10-year-old singer Yulan Law took to the stage. The little superstar only had to open her mouth to start singing Demi Lovato’s ‘Anyone’ for the judges to be immediately impressed, with Sarah mouthing along to the words, Howard transfixed, and Maxine visibly moved. Backstage, Gordon could hardly believe the powerful, mature voice emanating from this young performer.

After applause – and a standing ovation – from the judges, Yulan explained that last year, her father Yau-Mun, a footballer who captains the Santa Venera Lightnings FC, had suffered a cardiac arrest during a match, and for a while it was touch and go as to whether he would survive.

“Last year,  my father was ‘hurt’ and now, before I sing a song, I read the lyrics and dedicate them to him,” explained Yulan, who subsequently received four yesses from the judges. Just before her exit from the stage, Yulan was joined by her father, mother and younger brother.

This weeks Golden Buzzer, from Howard, went to The Movement – a troupe of dancers between the ages of 11 and 27. Howard said he was very impressed by the concept of the performance, which centred round the belief that life has it’s up and downs, but you can achieve your dreams if you overcome the obstacles and enjoy the beautiful moments.

“I appreciate life and I love people… I’m sorry. Big fellows cry.”

Another highlight of the evening was definitely Joseph Mangion, who delighted the judges with his fireworks impressions, with them (and the rest of the crew apparently) practically crying with laughter and clapping wildly. Joseph, an ex-policeman, broke down during his interview as he reminisced about his time in the force, saying, “I appreciate life and I love people… I’m sorry. Big fellows cry.” He received four yesses, with Ray saying, “You brought happiness into the room.”

Malta’s Got Talent is broadcast on Sundays at 8.50 pm on Television Malta.