Watch: “Keep vigilant although things are stable right now” – Claire Farrugia, nurse

Farrugia stresses that healthcare workers and the public are all in this together; although everyone has his or her own responsibilities.

Claire Farrugia has been a nurse for 25 years; the last 14 years in infection prevention after a decade in intensive care.

“2020 turned out to be a year during which nursing staff all over the world stood united in responding to the global pandemic,” she told, “In this turn of events, the world is acknowledging the vital role nurse play and today we are celebrating this.

As infection preventionist, Claire’s role is to assist health care workers in delivering safe care to patients, provide guidance, education and training, monitor practices and work with different teams across the hospital to reduce infection risks to patients and healthcare workers.

“There are always new challenges and we have to keep abreast with the latest evidence to guide staff accordingly. COVID was a novel challenge to us as a country, as a hospital, as a team. Although novel, the basic principles in infection prevention remain the same. The difficulty lies in applying the principles in an ever-changing scenario and amidst staff fears and anxieties,” she says.

Claire is also a visiting lecturer with the department of nursing in the Faculty of Health Sciences. Last July she was elected on the Council for Nurses and Midwives, the regulatory body for nurses and midwives. The council keeps the register of nurses and midwives who meet requirements for registration in Malta.

“Bringing together the clinical and academic aspect is challenging and satisfying. In my role as senior practice nurse, knowledge sharing is core. However besides sharing knowledge, I truly believe that caring, compassion, nursing each person with dignity and respect cannot be taught but they can be witnessed and observed. And this is the art and science of nursing,” she states.

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