Watch: Arrigo offers Grech deputy leader role to end leadership race

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Partit Nazzjonalista deputy leader Robert Arrigo has offered his position in the party to leadership hopeful Bernard Grech, if the latter withdraws from the upcoming leadership race. Arrigo said that he was doing this to bring unity within the party.

Grech will face embattled Partit Nazzjonalista Adrian Delia in a one-on-one race which was triggered following a General Council’s vote in which it was decided that fresh elections would take place after Delia lost two votes of confidence.

Arrigo was being interviewed on a programme aired on F Living where he was asked about upcoming leadership race and the two candidates, Delia and Grech. The deputy leader maintained that both candidates cherished the party. He stressed that it was for this reason that he would like to see them work together in the best interest of the party and was ready to give up his role.

“I can offer … rather, I want to offer the seat of Deputy Leader [to Bernard Grech] as I am not interested in a seat. I am interested in doing what is in the best interest of the party,” he said.

Arrigo noted that by withdrawing from the race, Delia would be able to serve as leader of the party until the next general election.

He compared the current situation to the one that the PN experienced prior to the 2013 election, when PN MEP and former PN leader Simon Busuttil was brought back from Brussels to take on the Deputy Leader role. He maintained that the same method could be used now.

During the interview, Arrigo compared the result he obtained with voting patterns in China and North Korea, after he had managed to secure 86%. He underlined that he was ready to resign from the role in the best interest for the party.

Arrigo maintained that his proposal would automatically gather the necessary support within the PN’s executive committee.

In February, the deputy leader had already announced that he would resign from his post during a time when the party was experiencing an internal crisis which was sparked by the abysmal trust ratings at the polls. He later said that he would not be resigning.

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Video: F Living