Watch: Archbishop’s words on courage and generosity during COVID-19

Courage and generosity are the messaged conveyed by Archbishop Charles Scicluna in his latest vlog where he said that our community is in his prayers so that God can lead us in such difficult times that no one even though we could experience.

Archbishop Scicluna, in his speech, addressed the elderly, especially the ones who live alone to not feel defeated or discouraged by the coronavirus. He then once again appealed to families to keep in their prayers elderly people and to communicate with them so they would not feel isolated which is one of the challenges we are currently facing.

Scicluna said that the recent developments in relation to the number of people who have recovered from COVID-19 are indeed good news but that does not mean everything is over because to continue making progress, society’s collective cooperation is required to make progress, combat and eliminate the virus.

The Archbishop mentioned how during these past five weeks the catholic community has been deprived, by the virus, from gathering for the church. But it is in our interest to pray so that normality is restored into our lives and once again we can celebrate mass together as one whole Catholic community.

Unfortunately, funerals cannot take place in the usual normal manner and this saddens many families who have recently lost their loved ones. The Archbishop said he can understand the additional pain these people, families are going through.

He has also thanked the many who are voluntarily assisting the many people who need food or the daily necessities but due to the pandemic cannot go out. The Archbishop thanked the healthcare workers, the carers, care institutions for the elderly and many others who are in this fight against the virus which has changed our lives on a short span.

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