Watch: Archbishop, migrants’ leader in ‘controversial’ band club

Archbishop Charles Scicluna invited Ahmed Bugre who heads the Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants (FSM) to join him in visiting the local Band Club dedicated to the Holy Trinity in Marsa after celebrating mass at the parish church.

The local band club landed itself in a controversy after Malta Today carried a report alleging that the band club was prohibited people of colour from entering into the band club. Bugre had told the newspaper that the last time he tried to visit the band club for a coffee, he was not allowed in since he was not a member of the said band club. Bugre said he believes that he was turned down from the club due to his skin colour. Bugre who is also a Maltese citizen is a lawyer by profession and an Evangelical Pastor.

The Archbishop said that it was important for local people and migrants residing in Marsa to respect and understand each other following the meeting. He also said that he hoped that this meeting would initiate the dialogue between the different community. Archbishop Scicluna thanked the officials of the local band club.