Watch: Another sewage leak in Għajnsielem

A video taken at the Xatt l-Aħmar in Għajnsielem shows sewage flowing into the sea. The person who sent the video to said it happened yesterday and that the sewage was coming from the fields.

Until yesterday evening, the Water Services Corporation was not aware of the case, according to a spokesperson. They said that WSC officials will go on site today to investigate the case.

In July 2018, had followed another sewage leak in the area going straight into the sea. 24 hours later, the Environment and Resources Authority had confirmed that it started their investigation into the environmental emergency. Months before, the Partit Demokratiku had also asked for immediate action to be taken.

The WSC had published a tender to fix the damage to a sewage pipe going down to 80 metres below sea level, emerging at 140 metres away from the Xatt l-Aħmar coast. Despite multiple reports in the local media about the sewage saga, the problem has apparently still not been solved.