Watch: All those who were mentioned in Daphne’s murder should be investigated – Fearne

Deputy Prime Minister and Partit Laburista leader hopeful Chris Fearne stated that everyone who was mentioned in the murder investigation of Daphne Caruana Galizia should be investigated. ‘No one is above the law,’ Fearne told the media.

Fielding questions after his leadership campaign launch, Fearne clarified that a Prime Minister should neither initiate nor conduct investigations, acknowledging that one of the issues in Caruana Galizia’s murder investigation is whether or not there was political interference.

‘If elected, I won’t interfere in any investigations,’ Fearne stated, adding that the police and court should be have all the resources required to carry out their investigations. He added that other stalled investigations such as the oil scandal, the murder of Raymond Caruana and Karen Grech, should also be thoroughly investigated.

‘Robert Abela has a lot to offer’

Asked by to confirm whether Robert Abela turned down a ministerial post after the 2017 snap election because the ‘salary was too low’ and whether he would include his rival Abela and outgoing leader Joseph Muscat in his cabinet, Fearne replied only to the latter question.

Speaking about Muscat, Fearne said that if elected Joseph Muscat would not be part of a new cabinet. Fearne added that this was already announced by Muscat himself, that opted to take the backseat once a new leader is elected.

On the question about his rival, Robert Abela who is also contesting Partit Laburista leadership, Fearne said that Abela has talent and a lot to offer. If elected, Fearne said that he would like to see Abela work along with himself and the parliamentary group. Fearne asserted that the background against which the leadership election is being held, is one of unity, stressing that once the election is over, the party will emerge more strengthened.