Watch: Activists to remain camped outside the Planning Authority

Environmental activists currently camped outside the Planning Authority, have decided to stay put, following the public support they have received, said a Moviment Graffitti activist on Sunday.
Victoria Pisani from Moviment Graffitti while thanking all those who have donated food to the activists said that while it was originally planned that the activists would camp outside the building until Sunday evening, the activists have now decided to stay longer as a result of the encouragement and support from the public.
The press conference was addressed by Stanley Farrugia Randon from Din l-Art Ħelwa, Jorg Sicot from Flimkien Għal Ambjent Aħjar, Matthew Farrugia from the Bicycle Advocacy Group and Martin Galea De Giovanni from Friends of the Earth Malta.
The activists set up their tents on Thursday morning after having warned that there would be more direct actions after the much promised fuel station policy revision has not yet been published, after more than a year. During a meeting which took place outside the Transport Ministry, Transport Minister Ian Borg told the activists that the policy will be published in April.
FoE director Martin Galea De Giovanni said that the activists are demanding freedom from developers on Freedom Day.