Watch: Activists put back Daphne memorial on Great Siege monument

A number of activists reinstalled the memorial for the assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia on the Great Siege monument in Valletta on Saturday. The activists put back the journalist’s picture  and a large banner with Ġustizzja (justice) and a Maltese flag on it, at around 10.30am.

The activists also distributed a pamphlet on the rights of freedom of expression.

At one point there was some commotion as an individual attacjed a person that was filming on the scene.

On the 8th of September the monument was closed up with wooden planks a couple of hours after commemoration wreaths had been places by keep figures of authority. Minister Owen Bonnici said that the monument was in need of maintenance works. For the past months the monument was housing a shrine made up of Caruana Galizia’s portrait flowers and candles.

Occupy Justice will be commemorating the 11 months from the assassination of Caruana Galizia on Sunday 16th September.