Watch: Activist assaulted in front of the Great Siege Monument; Repubblika condemns incident

Repubblika urged the police not to remain neutral after one of the activists peacefully protesting in front of the Great Siege Monument, through the laying of flowers and candles was assaulted by two passers-by. The incident happened early afternoon on Thursday. In their statement, Repubblika said that it failed to understand how flowers and candles are deemed an act of provocation while physical assault, insult and physical intimidation were considered justified.

Repubblika condemned unreservedly the assault, threats and insults that the activist had to suffer during the incident. It stated that a police report was filed at the Valletta Police Station. The organisation showed its dismay that such incidents were becoming a “daily habit” and claimed that the people assaulting the activists appear to be coordinated and sent to intimidate the protesters.

Repubblika sent in a video which documented the incident on the phone which was snatched by another person who  was with one of the alleged aggressors. The civil society group explained that the activist’s phone was flung out of her hands and smashed.

The civil society group said that the protest in front of the Great Siege Memorial demanding justice for Daphne Caruana Galizia and her journalism was in full respect of the law.