Watch: Accomplished young singer breaks the silence with new single

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Singer Jessica Magro released a new single ‘Break the Silence’, an artistic project of more than 18 months in the making.

“I notice several people that are afraid to speak their mind with the fear that they will be judged or scolded and in the past, I was this type of person as well. However, experience has taught me to always stand up for myself. So, I wanted to create a song that shows that no one should be afraid to speak up and say their opinion… about anything. Your voice and your mind are the only two things that will make you stand out from the crowd,” Magro told

The catchy song, which was penned and composed by Magro herself, carries a powerful message for self-belief and freedom of speech against the fear of negative judgement by others.

“I had just released my first single when the chorus of this song popped in my head!” she explained, “From that moment, I knew I wanted to create a song that empowered others to never be afraid to speak out and make their voices heard. That is how ‘Break the Silence’ was born.”

Break the Silence was produced in collaboration with Matteo Depares from Wicked and Loud studios who experimented with fresh sound signature that matches the versatile song-writing style of Jessica Magro.

The singer said that releasing an uplifting song during this challenging year carries added significance: “The current situation held me back from releasing this song earlier, but now it is finally the time.”

The song is accompanied by a high-quality video shot in different locations around Malta, creatively expressing the theme of the song. The video was filmed, directed, and edited by Marlon Polidano, while Mark Soler was director of photography.

This is Magro’s second single following ‘Fearless’ in 2019. The up-and-coming singer was the winner of the 2017 Għanja tal-Poplu festival.