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Every day we meet brave, beautiful and enigmatic women that shape the world we live in. Women, just like you, who have the ability to achieve great things through the smallest or biggest of gestures. This October we’re celebrating SHEROES. Each and every one of us is a SHERO. Discover Now: #WeAreSHEROES

Posted by Mvintage on Thursday, October 1, 2020

“Admire who you are, believe in yourself, have faith in your capabilities bring out the power within you and shine in your full glory. We can, we Are Sheroes.”

These are the words of Krystle Penza, Mvintage founder and designer, in her message aiming to empower women in our society and increase awareness on breast cancer.

“We never cease to be amazed by all the wonderful, brave and loving women in the world. The mothers who find the smallest of ways to make our lives a hundred times better. The friend that reaches out just when you need her, without you saying a word. The women who fiercely protect and stand up for the most vulnerable members of our society. The ones who with just a smile, can make the world a better place. The ladies who face incredible challenges head on, without looking back. The women who are determined to win – determined to make a difference”, said Penza

All women are SHEROES

Mvintage is sharing the story of five amazing Maltese women, who are all Sheroes in their own way. Each SHERO represents a superpower quality that makes her even more special. These superpowers are kindness, faith, love, protection and admiration. 

Love Shero

Graziella Bartolo Pizzuto and her daughter Faith – a story of pure love. Graziella Bartolo Pizzuto was shocked when her daughter Faith was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth. Today, Graziella started a wave of change within the Maltese community. She supports other women with downs syndrome children and emphasises that there is nothing down with down syndrome.

Admiration Shero

Alison Kelly who survived her own battle with breast cancer. Alison’s beautiful and courageous heart proves what real inner strength can achieve. A truly admirable lady for her will power and grace.

Kindness Shero

Francesca Runcie, a passionate animal lover who raised more than €140,000 to build an abandoned dog sanctuary in Birzebbuga. Her kindness knows no limits when it comes to protecting our four-legged friends.

Protection Shero

Elaine Pavia is truly selfless. As the manager of Dar Merhba Bik, Elaine cares for and helps women who suffer domestic abuse. Whilst protecting these women and their children, she also shows them how to shine again with renewed potential and how the future is never set in stone.

Faith Shero

Gabi Calleja, a woman with outstanding determination, focus and faith that encourages her to keep fighting for equality in the face of many uphill challenges. An advocate for the local LGBTQ community. 

As a final message for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Penza gave a closing statement: “Let’s not forget to get ourselves checked both for ourselves and for the ones who love us.”

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