5,600-year-old stone calendar announces the arrival of winter

Heritage Malta / Daniel Cilia

Knowing the time of the year was vital for the Temple Period inhabitants of the island in order to conduct specific agricultural and animal husbandry activities.

This might have been the reason why they decided to mark the changing seasons in the Mnajdra South Temple by means of a solar calendar, which incorporates the entrance of the structure as part of it. On Saturday 22nd December, Heritage Malta is inviting the general public to experience the phenomenon which signals the arrival of winter in this 5,600-year-old structure.

The meeting point for this event which starts at 6.15am is at the Ħaġar Qim Visitor Centre. Limited places are available and pre-booking is a must. A tour of the temples and light refreshments will follow.

Tickets can be purchased from all Heritage Malta sites and museums, or online.

For more information, call om tel. no: 21 424 231, or visit the Heritage Malta website.