Watch: ‘85% of sex offences go unreported’ – Dr Formosa Pace

Criminologist Dr Janice Formosa Pace said that around 85% of sex offences are not reported. She said this on the radio programme Andrew Azzopardi on 103.

She discussed the dark figure of crime, which means the amount of unreported or undiscovered crime. When there’s insurance involved, crime is more likely to be reported.

However, around 85% of sex offences are not reported. There are a number of reasons why, amongst which is stigma, and the fact that the aggressor is often not a stranger to the victim.

Criminals aren’t victims, but some have been failed by society

She said that to call criminals victims is to dismiss the victims of criminality; but she acceded that there are criminals that have fallen victim to a society which failed them.

Dr Formosa Pace explained that if someone were to ask her if a criminal can be a victim, her response would be no. This is because it would be an injustice to the victims of criminality. However, she said, there are a number of people that turn back to criminality time and time again because they are victims of a society that  failed them.

She outlined that there are families who fulfill their financial needs via crime, and have been doing it for the past 3 generations or so, from the 1950s. She said that these kinds of people have never worked, and that they know these types of families exist after extensive research.

Synthetic drugs can now be bought online

Dr Formosa Pace also outlined how synthetic drugs can now be ordered online.

She also said that synthetics are cheap, and that this coupled with its availability are ways for youths to have easy access. She explained that such drugs are in paper form, which is why they might seem innocuous to parents.

She was following up George Busuttil’s (President of Mid-Dlam għad-Dawl) comments on drugs being a great push towards criminality. He said that prison wouldn’t be as full if drugs weren’t a problem.

Prison director not allowed to participate in this programme
Home Affairs Ministry censors CCF director 103fm interview

Corradino Corrective Facility director Alex Dalli was not given the greenlight to participate in a radio program aired on 103 Malta’s Heart on Saturday morning. Prof. Azzopardi explained that Col. Dalli was invited to the program to participate either in person or virtually. He explained that various meetings were held with the prison director. A representative of the Home Affairs Ministry was also present for a two-hour meeting, but the go ahead wasn’t given.

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